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Has it really been that long since I’ve written anything about what goes on behind (or I should say in front of) this computer? I believe so, nor have I written any of my crazy fun times that my friends and I have. Well, things have changed, unfortunately A LOT has, to tell the truth. From having to cope with not having my best friend within walking distance now for more than.. oh I’d like to say nearly a year now and having all our schedules change has been murder. Not only on my end but on all of us. It really sucks, and then there’s the problem you’re faced with of seeing others, new people in a new university. x,.,x

Okay that isn’t a problem. It’s a rather beautiful campus to tell the truth, I should take some photos so you’re able to enjoy the beauty of it, rather than keep it all to myself.

So the fun nights unfortunately have been postponed, although I do have a camera full of fun moments, which I will share and download (eventually) into this computer. Agh, don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy this new, efficient use of digital cameras, but I miss carrying rolls of film and taking it to the nearest CVS/ Kodak shop to develop the film. It was worth the price, but then again, I was young (like the age of 1-14); seems like it’s been ages!

But I won’t disagree, the digital camera does move things along at a remarkable pace, but it takes the fun out of the whole experience in camera fun and film developing. Does anyone now days even remember or at least know how to put film into a camera? I still remember as though it were yesterday. Alright, I’m ranting like an old women, but it does feel like it’s been centuries, so you can’t really blame me.



Any who, I will eventually upload everything that’s in that camera of mine. Maybe when I’m not so damn busy. Hmm.. I’ve not found one ounce of free time and the University, though fun, has been hellish with the work. Damn do they shove all that work load down your throat- no pun intended. XD I can’t remember the last time I’ve been THIS busy with classes. But I do have a lot in store to share with you soon. 

For now I just have my music night, the band capturing my heart and receiving my undying attention has been Depeche Mode. Ah the 80’s Electro-Synth, such good music. I luckily had the pleasure growing up with all the good music, what with having been born in ’93 and having parents with good taste in music- of course my views have changed on some of their taste of music. Not everyone will have the exact love for the same preference, but I will not deny that they influenced majority of my love for the 80’s and some songs from the 70’s. I do not know how hard I can stress that ‘some’, for when I say ‘some’ I really do mean some music of the 70’s. Like 8 songs!

depeche mode logo

But I didn’t turn out all that bad. Hell, what am I saying, I turned out GREAT! A creative nut, artist of the family and I’ve always pursued my dreams and was determined to complete and do everything I’ve set my mind on doing- still do and always will. I guess you can say that is was becoming of me to be that eccentric nut of the family, from spending nights with my dad watching all the original monster films and hearing all the stories from my nonna of war and life in Europe, and dancing in the car with my mama listening to all the fun songs (yeah even latin songs), boy do I have a story there already, but yeah, you can say I’ve turned into the person who was meant to be Izcentric (Izzy)!

My makeup

So tonights share of Depeche Mode is a favorite of mine that takes me back to my days in second/third grade. Yeah, I heard some of their work at an early age, good for the soul and remarkably great for the noodle! I think my first time I ever listened to this song was in a film or on a music channel that I caught when I would flip through the channels. Oh the things I ran into on the good ole’television when I was young. Whole other story I’ll have to talk about, I’m steering away from the subject. Song: Shake the disease Band: Depeche Mode