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Before I release/post the LONG awaited article that I’ve mentioned about, I will write a small rant that was somewhat a part of the article, but got cut out for my ranting became rather annoying to me in the sense of it having taken away the importance of said article. I don’t want to do that, nor do I ever wish that to happen. So let’s have a chat on this peculiar title.

Who forgot passion?! No not a person, I don’t know any ‘Passion’, haha, it would be rather hilarious if I did though. But the subject leans towards something that MANY bands (in every scene/genre), have lost. Their drive or ‘passion’, in this case, for their work that got them out there into the mainstream. Now I don’t pay attention to most of the crap that is being released today because let me tell you, it’s pure shit. I don’t care who you are, what you say, that is my opinion, you’re entitled to yours as am I. Sadly to say I’ve noticed this more in the Industrial/Aggrotech scene than anything else.

No longer is it about the music, oh no; but rather it has turned to the importance of the image. Evidently, our main focus is fixated on something that had NOTHING to do with our first intentions/goals. It’s inevitable. It can’t be helped- correction it can, if you don’t let your popularity status eat away at your first intentions. Which is pretty damn hard! You not only have to create something that you like, or feel as though it’s exactly what you want to display or “put it out there” as it were, but you are then put in the position of having to comply with or make happy your audience, that was with you from the beginning and then gain the attention from others who’ve not heard of you, but you want them to.

The metaphor I’d like to compare it to is that of a spiders web- if you can comprehend my analogies.  Think of you (the creator) as the spider, the insects your audience and the web as your band. So far you’re starting of with rough diagram of what you’re composing or wanting to create and make your own with a unique twist. Slowly you begin to develop it, and eventually you’ll catch some insects. Alright, not bad, you’ve got some people interested- or in the spiders case a meal. So far so good, but you want more. Now it’s onto the next stage where you have to make a big scene or put yourself out there by telling people about yourself and your band and you passion for it. Pretty damn good. More insects. Later in the years, you have a large web, strong, built right (basically your music and hard work is paying off and gaining the attention you want) and the insects keep piling on. But then you get greedy. You forget your reason why you began your work. Why you put yourself out there. You lose yourself in that large web you’ve created and are now focused on one thing only, your image. No longer the music (at least not 100%, I’d say 70% is where you stop at).  No longer do you have you passion for meaning anything nor your work, it’s lost meaning.

Yeah, you’re still focused on what you want to make, create, etc. Don’t get me wrong, but eventually it seems as though it’s just easier to comply or conform to a comfortable pace that you’ve landed yourself in and stay there. No longer do you want to contribute more to your work. It becomes an idle play thing. It’s disgusting.

To conclude this, I’m not saying every band does act like this, NO! Nor am I saying every band is going to be perfect. What I’m telling you is that it’s easy to fall in a rhythm that you’ve become comfortable with, but I’m not saying that you’ll do great staying there. If you lose you drive, your passion for what you created or focused on being your art work, your life; forget about the true meaning behind why you did it, then it’s obviously going to reflect! Not only on your work, but on you!