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While browsing along the infamous internet, I found my way to a rather frightening image that I’ve not only seen twice, but now SIX times to be exact and have seen some of those “recipes” or meals” replicated. To show what I am speaking of:


I have been left speechless. Not because of the fact that something like this exists- no, that doesn’t surprise me. But because people ACTUALLY EAT THIS so-called snack/food. Why? HOW? I surely, just by looking at this, feel like buckling over and puking out all my organs!

I’m all for cultivating new ideas in the kitchen and different styles of cooking, but to only deep fry something that is already a snack, that is to be eaten in moderation, and to selling it as pit stop food or side-road meal? NO! I do not see this as something that should be condoned upon in the food business to tell you the truth. It’s disgusting. Bad enough we have to modify recipes to meet the standards of every picky eater, but to slack off and rely on treats or foods that are not even a food and sell that? Good for you that you’re making money off it, yes, I will give you that, but there could have been some more creativity and health concerns thrown in there..

And to tell you all this.. MELTED BUTTER DOES NOT TASTE GOOD! NOR SHOULD YOU EAT IT! ALL THIS IS SOME FAD! DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR, SAVE YOURSELVES BY RECONSIDERING EATING ANY OF THIS IF YOU STOP BY IT. You’re only wasting more cash on something that cost $1.25 at a CVS or Walgreens/Publix.. etc.