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Take off the bikini Florida and cover up for the nips can cut diamonds (if you get my innuendo). 😉

For the past week, Florida has been pretty cold and the gusty winds just hit right through, to your very core. Brrrr… It may not be record breaking cold, but being 44°F and seeing your breath counts for something here in the Sunshine state, what with its semi-tropic weather. Hell, when it hits 75°F, you see people in hoodies, boots, layers.. blah blah.. you name it! Granted, I fall under the category of wearing boots, but my reasons differ from the rest of societies “trend-setters?” So they call themselves… *rolls eyes*

Any way, the cold is rather refreshing and I asked for it, so I won’t complain. The skin is loving it, what with being fair-skinned and being sensitive to the heat from Mr. Golden Sun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and enjoying this this change in weather. But it’s missing one factor that I may not get to see for a while. Snow! I know a few friends that are lucky enough to see it and having grown up with it, especially some of my friends in Europe. But the one who I find extremely lucky is my sweet, gorgeous boy. He’s had the opportunity to see snow, play in the snow in more than one state! THAT CUTE BOY IS TOO DAMN LUCKY! As am I for having nailed such a handsome one at that. 😉 ❤ I’d relish for a chance to see snow; which someday I will. At the very least, he sent me a photo of a small snowfall in his area. Beautiful it was. Well.. maybe not to most, but to me it is. Then again, I love the subtle things in life.

Although, the topic isn’t just about me fawning over the cold, but it also leans towards the humorous side of Floridians and our way of “embracing” the cold, winter fronts. As I mentioned before, you see everyone in full gear when it’s 77 degrees outside. This alone is enough to make any one who’s grown up where it snows, bust a lung or a rid or from laughing- I’m sure. You here most people complain, when it’s just oh…70-75°F, that it’s ‘f*ing’ cold. Now if you see me, as you see with some other Floridians (for not every Floridian is a whinny baby), embracing the cold and having to answer silly questions.

I simply tell them this (although I highly doubt it has anything to do with it, but any way: “Yeah, I know it’s COOL, not COLD. This is like any other day. Hell, I come from a family of Europeans who’ve lived with frickin’ snow and colder conditions- it’s called Poland.”

I’m not trying to be mean to them at all, but when I tell them that, they walk away and leave me be for the time being, until some other lucky individual bumps into me and questions me when it’s well into the 60° range. By then, you already see me in my hoodie, jeans, shoes or Demonia boots <3, and a regular shirt or long sleeve and no hoodie. I don’t know where my tolerance truly comes from, maybe that trip my parents took to D.C. to visit the Smithsonian may be the culprit in this. After all, I was my mothers’ belly at the time. They tell me it was very cool, sometimes cold, during their visit, so maybe genetics alone is not the answer. Maybe now I’ll answer: “Oh I’m able to withstand the cool weather, not only because I’m a European mutt, but also at the time when I was in my mothers’ belly, they took a trip to D.C. to the Smithsonian during their cool/cold season.” Yeah, I think that’ll do the trick. Maybe it might sound a bit snippy here, but in the way I’d respond, would most likely have a tinge of laughter beneath my sarcasm- as I always do.

So, are most Floridians funny in the sense we think 70-75°F is too cold.. hmmm, to me it is. XD But so I’m not left out of the picture in being made fun of, when I do have those moments of feeling ‘cold’ during 60-70°F of weather and I complain to the cute boy that I am cold, he pokes fun of me and tells me only this; “that’s not cold, that’s warm.”

Anyway, enough with my cynical, mean old self. Stay warm everyone and have fun. Oh, don’t forget to enjoy deliciously, warm Chai Lattes. I believe I must seek aid for this newly found, terrible addiction. XD