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As I attempted my first Etsy shop, I found it to be rather dull and annoying; so Izcentric Synthetiks HAD TO GO! It didn’t feel as though I was going to give it my all and when you begin to doubt yourself; especially your business, that’s already a notion for bad things to come. I was right! After seven months of waiting and filled with little hope, nothing was going the little shop. I knew it was time to pull the plug on that little craft/art shop delusion I had buzzing about. It felt as though it were an absolution to be truthful.

Not all is dead though, for what is reborn from the ashes of a phoenix, is far better and more exuberant. With that being said, IzSynthetiks has come into the Etsy world with a vengeance filled with a creative kick-ass mood. I’m quite proud I took the time to realize my mistake and have learned from it- many don’t tend to learn so fast.

So from that release, now there’s the new and refreshed brain of mine, that has been given a second chance at life once more- so it seems. Perhaps it is all the wonderful opportunities rising, that are giving me such an optimistic outlook and sensation about things. Who can say, really. For sure I am looking forward to wonderful projects in the future to come and who knows, I may have a treat that I may announce real soon- well, two treats that is. šŸ˜‰

For now I must bid you farewell for this busy girl is finishing up a BIG project. I promised a dear friend that it will remain TOP SECRET until the day of its revealing; so I will leave you with a link to the first, NEW listing from IzSythethiks.


bannerfans_10051463Ā  <—- What this banner states, is what my Etsy shop will contain and more. Check it out, any questions on it, contact me @ isabel.sznurkowski001@hotmail.com