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I seize the opportunity, in this moment to wish you all a very happy and safe, but sadly belated, Happy New Year 2014. I do hope you all had a boisterous time with all your friends and family and enjoyed some rather hilarious chats that I’m sure are to be brought into conversation of the New Year dinner/gathering.

For most, I’m sure many of you discussed your resolutions list for this year of 2014 and just as we ALL do, I’m sure you’re all setting up your goals in an order that will not take you for a guilt-trip later when the year 2015 hits you upside the head- but let’s take the time to enjoy 2014 and the endeavors it’ll bring us. Now, just because I said that, doesn’t mean I’m through with talking about that New Years Resolution list of yours or mine. I don’t know about any of you, but I for sure am no saint and am, BY FAR, remotely close to receiving any angelic halo over the top of my head; for I’m THE WORST at completing my resolution list. I will say this though, over the past three years of college, I’ve woken up and seen the importance of my list and have actually completed majority of the goals each year as I list them. So perhaps there really is something to this resolution list thing.

Although, my 2014 resolutions list consists of a few time consuming projects to better my health for the most part. As the cool weather approaches and I enter my first semester this Spring at UM (I’m quite proud and excited); I realized I am entering a new field where there’s more danger towards the immune system and I’m not looking forward to that. Not one bit, nope! As many of you may know, about 2 years ago (wow, I can’t believe it has been already two years now); if you read earlier posts, I had an unfortunate time being ill with Meningitis for about a month and my second visit was (still is) unknown. Any way, since then, I’ve become.. I really don’t want to say health-nut, but.. OKAY I ADMIT IT!! I’ve become ever more concerned for my health and strength so -yes you’ve guessed it- Izzy is joining the gym. Okay, maybe not THE gym, but I am certainly devoting an hour to my regimen of daily workouts. I do hope I don’t fall apart while venturing deep into these uncharted waters; and if I do, I know I’m safe when it comes to swimming, but I wonder if I’ll be mentally prepared for the trip I’m about to take part in. I’m sure I’ll nip it in the butt and if not, I’m sure I’ll receive some encouragement from you few wonderful readers and if not from my brutal self that things in what is known as my mind!!

jumping jack challenge

Aside from working out being the #1 listed resolution, the following are simpler endeavors that will surely get done without a fuss. Those are: continue on with the projects by keeping a steady pace, become more active in my writing and DGM articles, do well in classes, SAVE MORE CASH and a few other personal resolutions.

Speaking about saving more cash, I found an REALLY neat method that I’m most certainly going to attempt to the end and I suggest that the majority of you give this a try along-side, with me- just to see how long we last at attempting this.

Must try

This list hear!^ I am rather intrigued by it and am DEFINITELY giving it a go! I don’t know about you, but I sure could use the extra cash in my pocket; just as you all can. And what’s best; it doesn’t hurt to try a new method in saving a little extra cash. Hard part about it is putting it into effect and seeing how long you’ll stick to your guns until desperation hits and you blow it or forget it. But with what I read from the many blogs I follow, I know many of you will definitely do quite well at this challenge.

Wishing you luck and many exciting endeavors to come and good fortune to you all!

Tons of Love Bites and Happy New Year,

Happy New Year