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I assure you, the title does not lie, for my bite is not pleasant, unless you enjoy puncture marks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now if you like the peppermint, chocolate stuff that tickles everyone’s fancy, by all means, jot down the most simplest recipe ever!

About a week ago, say the 22nd of December, I had spent the day baking quite a lot of sweets- mainly cookies- as I always do for Christmas. Around this time of year, I usually tend to mail a few of these goodies to some friends who do not have the pleasure of devouring them. Unfortunately I never got around to doing so for the past 3 years, wow, shocker to say it’s been three years, but at last, 2013 was a turn around for the better in sending my care-packages. Three lucky recipients are sure to gain a bit of weight, but it’s well in the spirit of the holiday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Onto the recipe for my Decadent Peppermint Bark


-2 Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate bars
-1 bag Semi-Sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate chips
-5 nice chunks of Callebaut White Chocolate, save a few for tempering
-25-30 coarsely crushed Peppermint puffs, or 7 Candy canes, crushed coarsely


Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
Off-set spatula

To begin, place a double boiler on your stove, allow water to heat up and come to slight boil, if not old fashion techniques always work- take my word for it, for I simply got my water nice a hot to a low boil and placed a heat-resistant bowl over it and worked from there. Now then, once you’ve got your water going, fill your bowl, or top pot of your double boiler, with the two dark chocolate bars and let it melt, but not completely. Basically leave small chunks of the chocolate alone.

Remove bowl from heat, onto a towel (so it won’t crack or explode from the transfer of hot to cold surfaces) and with a spatula, mix in a 1/3 at a time the semi-sweet chocolate chips. This is called tempering, which is what you WANT TO DO, if you want to store this chocolate treat on the counter without worry of it melting as it hits room temperature. ย While tempering, be sure to mix gently for you DO NOT want air bubbles in your chocolate. It is unsightly and doesn’t do your chocolate ANY good.

Once you’ve finished your bag of chocolate chips and your chocolates temperature has reduced to room temperature -you can test this by touching the chocolate with the back of your knuckle or by smearing a small bit on your wrist-; you will want to spread the chocolate over your parchment lined cookie sheet with an off-set spatula and put in fridge until it has set. ย About 00:30 minutes.

While your first tier of the chocolate bark is setting in the fridge, begin to melt your white chocolate and as before, leave small chunks to help with tempering. Add the remaining chunks of white chocolate to your melted white chocolate, remember to mix carefully, don’t want air bubbles and if you recall those crushed bits of peppermint puffs or candy canes, you will want to mix in about 1/2 a cup of the striped candy to your white chocolate. This not only guarantee your peppermint bark having peppermint, but will also give it a subtle minty flavor.

Remove you chocolate from the fridge, let it warm up to room temperature; once it has done so, pour you white chocolate, candy mixture over you dark chocolate TIER (haha XD oh I’m funny) and once it has smoothly been spread over, with your off-set spatula, make it rain by sprinkling the remainder of your peppermint candies over your white chocolate, before it sets and store back in the fridge for an hour.

Once the clock tollsย an hour, remove you peppermint bark from the fridge, let it set to room temperature, break away and devour or mail it to some friends- even the ones who’ve been naughty this year.

Enjoy and you’re ever so welcome!