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Tissue box, remote, glass of water and cookies with hot tea were my companions tonight, along with my ever excited mind over the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I was unable to sit still, nor was I capable of sitting away from the shiny box known as television while eating a cookie. The Doctor never likes to kept waiting you know. I thought I was able to wait a tad longer before his regeneration, yet it seems the heart drew the knife and before I knew it I could not hold back my tears for the truth was far to real when I realized the time had come to say goodbye to the 11th Doctor.

I believe no one could have predicted how great a job they did with this Doctor Who Christmas Special. It was touching, saddening, made you laugh and appreciate The Doctor for being The Doctor, but also, for what The Doctor stood for, hope.

Setting tears aside, I was blown away with how beautifully executed The Doctor Who Christmas Special was done. From laughs, to tears, to smiles and more I was brought to, but in the end with laughter and excitement! Thank you Matt Smith for having been a wonderful and flawless 11th Doctor (technically 12). I will cherish all the memories I have of you since my first Doctor (The 8th Doctor). Yet, the time has come to introduce a new face into my memories and enjoy the new, riveting adventures that are soon to come with Capaldi!

Merry Christmas Whovians!

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