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Hmm, something’s fishy, and it isn’t the cats breath for she just washed it down with water and cat nip, so what the hell is it? I’ll tell you what, it’s the ingredients that are taking away your body’s vital nutrients. x,.,x NOT GOOD!

Here’s a list I found from the article off herbs info.


Thought a few of you may be interested in reading up on this, just so you’re aware. It’s funny, I’ve always read those ingredients in the back of certain foods, or sweets from the grocery store, but I mostly make everything myself; although, once I got to thinking about those ingredients and paid more attention to them, I realized that they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE! o,.,o

Shocking really, that until now is when I give a damn. XD Better now than never though.

Any who, check out herb info for more information on the article and learn exactly what all those ingredients truly do and diminish the body of.