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Silas and Ami Show ‘Worst Hobbies’ Review

At last, the time has come to introduce my first attempt at a video review for a Original DGM show that has caught my attention without fail. I cannot resist the humor, which relates so much with mine- satire, sarcasm, puns, discussion, etc.

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I do apologize for this having taken so long as it has. Unfortunately, and as some of you already know, I barely have a break for myself, so it’s quite remarkable for me to actually find the time and blog or do anything really! X,.,X I sometimes feel as though I’ve been entrapped in a whirlwind of never ending projects- thankfully I at least complete all my projects, some unfortunately take longer than most.

Although, I’ve managed to make a schedule or tidy form of priorities to work for me thus far and everything has fallen into place with ease; let us hope it continues in that manner! Without further adieu, I present to you the nervous wreck that I am when speaking to an audience review. With a little practice, comes perfection, let us hope by the second review, I will have mastered some bit of confidence and have learned to keep it when speaking to you as a whole or group. Funny that I passed Speech class with a B+ and as one of the most active students and most improved when speaking to a public and yet I cannot even manage to remain so calm and collected when speaking to one, but myself during recording. -,.,- So shameful.

Well, I do hope that you all take interest in this remarkable and ever humorous show. I know you guys will take interest if not all, but some in the show. You just cannot say no to it!

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Here’s the show I did the review on. It is the first episode from the Silas and Ami Show

The Silas and Ami Show ‘Worst Hobbies’

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