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Get ready to butcher, we’re getting our hand dirty- and say good bye to that pumpkin sitting around as décor, because you know not what to do with it.

Well I’m back you guys and boy have I grown an addiction to lattes! Not just any lattes though, I’m talking about a Chai Pumpkin Latte- so damn good. Now as you know (if you read the last article on the Goth Chef) I have a bit of thing for pumpkin. Call me crazy, but there’s something wonderful about that squash that call my attention; perhaps its versatility as an ingredient? Any who, earlier this morning I had an epiphany (regarding today’s recipe) that had me rushing to the kitchen, grabbing my tiny pumpkin (I’m sorry for the brutality), fetching my favorite knife (mohahaha) that led me to chopping off his cranium and section his body into fours to spooning out his guts before baking his delish innards.

Wooh, I’m brutal! But putting that aside, that epiphany had me thinking “if I can’t have a chai pumpkin latte as often as I’d like since I don’t have the cash, then I’ll settle for second best (or in my opinion, THE BEST) choice, a homemade pumpkin latte.” Let me tell you, after having pureed my pumpkin, there was no stopping me and the finished product was phenomenal. Although, I shouldn’t tease your gullets in such a way; so rather than have you salivate over the floor (and all over yourselves..eeew) I shall teach you the ways of making your own Pumpkin Latte, from scratch. So open the knife drawer and take out your favorite or sharpest knife- you’ll need it. Oh; and your pumpkin. Remember to give it a kiss good-bye before you decapitate him. 😉

Izcentrics Pumpkin Latte-

Pumpkin latte finished



–        2 tbsp pumpkin puree

–        ¾ cup of whole milk or soy (either or, these two work best)

–        1 tsp cinnamon

–        ½ tsp ginger

–        ¼ tsp nutmeg

–        3 tsp granulated sugar

–        1 tsp vanilla extract

–        2/3 cup hot coffee

–        Homemade whipped cream (you should know how to do this by now)

How to make it:

–        In a small pot, pour milk and add sugar, whisk and bring to a light simmer. Add pumpkin puree, whisk thoroughly till well blended.

–        Add cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg; mix. When spices have been mixed well, add vanilla extract. Mix before pouring in your coffee.

–        After you’ve poured your coffee into the pumpkin and milk mixture, whisk away till well combined. Strain into your mug to remove the grainy texture of the spices. Dollop a nice amount of whipped cream ^,.,^ mmm… and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on it and voila!