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It is a thank you to a wonderful friendship of 13 beautiful years. Yes, 13 years of a magical friendship; although, not with a being, but with a furry little creature, a cat you would say, who I loved and cherished unconditionally. It is also that unconditional love that sets those remarkable creatures apart from the horrid animals, known as beings- granted, not every person is horrid.

Unfortunately, I am writing my thank you the day after her passing. I’ll tell you this, 13 years is an extraordinary life and age to reach for a domesticated stray. But it is a terrible experience to live through, when your friend dies in your arms, more so to know that she waited ’til you arrived home…

For those who do take a gander at my little blog, or continue to read it though you may not have interest in the life if Izzy, my furry, friend Bella had fallen ill with tongue cancer as of a month ago. Her health began to deplete and she became weaker, slowly become ever more dependent on us for aid to her every need. Sadly, it isn’t until those who cannot fend for themselves fall ill that you realize just how much they truly depend on you. I had her sleep next to me in a cozy basket that I placed on my bed so I could keep a closer eye on her and see here every morning, while checking on her breathing or if she needed to cleaned, was hungry, thirsty; pretty much everything. The pain slowly progressed and she became more fragile throughout the weeks, to where she could no longer do anything, but stay curled up in her basket.

It’s an odd feeling, falling asleep and not sharing my bed to a basket piled with towels and a soft cat. I miss her terribly. Though her passing was not easy for me, I was happy that she at least knew (so I hope) that I was there and took care of her and loved her very much and unconditionally.

A sweet, loving friend, with the bonus of cute whiskers, a tail and a meow that made you smile. She was a beauty and will forever be my Bella. Thank you for sharing 13 wonderful years with me and allowing me to have been your loving home and place of happiness. I love you Bella. ❤