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It has been a spectacular 50 years indeed! The reign of The Doctor continues on throughout the years without change and disappointment. The fans expanding their interests after each regeneration since having watched the first Doctor begin his wondrous and ever fascinating adventures through time and their children and their children’s children following down the line of all that is glorious, SCI-FI world!

If only you could have seen me jumping about from chair to bed to sofa, I was a complete maniac! Of course, if my bloggers were to catch a glimpse of how insane I truly am when it comes to Doctor Who, I’m not entirely sure if what their reactions would be. Perhaps I’d receive an extensive list of questions or a plead to calm down and take it easy! haha, NEVER!!! It’s Doctor Who! Why, in bloody hell would I take it easy?! Do you not understand how much a crazy fan I am?! @,.,@

Now, before loosing track, onto my thoughts about the long-awaited episode of the year!! It was Spectacular!! You would not believe my reactions when the show began to play, oh my, I was indeed an obsessive fan girl, that day. The three doctors, the one who they tried to forget from their memories for having done what was not to be done in the name of the doctor; the story between David Tenants marriage with Elizabeth the first and the remarkable story that led the doctors towards the end, joining forces together rather than turning the other cheek and having their forgotten doctor to face it alone. Oh, and did you catch the sneak peek of the new doctor and caught when they said “no, all thirteen of them”? It was quite the spectacle and flawlessly executed!

It is without a doubt, that Doctor Who has exceeded in their work, but most importantly, they haven’t forgotten or changed what importance The Doctor holds for many and more new fans to come. The adventurous, clever Doctor continues to excite and has people marveling without a misstep. Bravo to the creators who began the journey from the first episode to now, bravo to the amazing actors who’ve portrayed The Doctor and their many individual, characteristics and personalities flawlessly, and bravo to you, dear Tardis, for hanging in there from the rotten times in your travels to the astounding travels leading to the best adventures- be them all.

Congratulations Doctor Who, Happy 50th Anniversary!!

With never-ending love,

Izcentric ❤

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