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It’s no good to fall behind, especially when it comes to your health. Unfortunately I have become rather sluggish since the summer and I’ve begun to notice the side effects from being so inactive. It is understandable though, for there’s no perfect regimen that any one person seems to follow without a second thought- unless you’re a 24/7 body builder that seeks thrill in such an activity. x,.,x

As of the second week of November, I’ve begun to feel the side effects or pain from the lack of a workout. And let’s face it, once you become a fragile pile of meat and bones after being deathly ill, and you don’t follow your doctors instructions in keeping up with your health; the feeling of regret eats away at you and then comes pain and concern. Which, indubitably happened to me. I’ve now begun to get on track by challenging myself to participate in a 30 day sit up challenge.

Since I have to strengthen my back and abdominals, I decided to have a little fun with setting a challenge for a 30 day mark that will increase every sit up by five sit ups extra a day. I am now on DAY 4which is now at the count of 35 sit ups with extra work outs for the bum. Only one rest day a week, start at 20 sit ups and add five more every day, excluding the fifth day (being your rest day). So let’s say you began your challenge Monday, then Saturday will be your rest day! If this is not a helpful explanation; I’ve found a calendar to show as reference or a diagram.

So far, so good, the pain is steadily leaving and I feel my muscles working and coming together once again to their former glory. Let’s hope for the best!

Sit up challenge

Join me if you’re willing to try something new and want to strengthen your puny muscles too! We shall become The Puny Muscle Avengers! Mwuahahahaha XD