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Such foolishness.. To spill from the mouth of young adult. Begging an animal, not a being, but a cruel heartless animal that should be impaled slowly and treated to all forms of torture without mercy for that is what he causes you, the one who is a fool in all forms for having fallen for such a lie. And yet, you crawl back, begging for him, trying to change something that was never meant for change. You beg to be left alone, yet you continue to call when you’ve finally received that bit of peace. Such pure ignorance.

You are truly oblivious to the harm that is being done and brought upon you because of one loathsome, mongrel who is not even worth the time of day or night. A specimen that should be left in isolation with recordings of the cries and anguish he’s caused you. Played constantly, without end; driving him to the brink of madness. To then having him realize that isolation and agony is all he will ever have.

Foolish, oblivious, blind, desperate… a VICTIM.