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You’d think by waking up at the hour of 9:45, I’d leave myself plenty of time to get out of bed, eat, wake the brain up and double check myself before I leave the house, right? Well, unfortunately the 24th Oct. morning was not smooth sailing, for when I was mid-way on my way to the Metro-Station (already on the trolley), it finally dawned on me that I had left my wallet (with my train pass in it) at home in my other bag. SHIT! *sigh* Stay on the trolley I shall and sat in the same trolley I did until I arrived to my destination making a dash for my house. I swear, I believe I broke a world record with how fast I was moving from crossing the road, entering the house, grabbing wallet, leaving the house to then catching the very trolley I was on just moments before, to catch it right on time before it passed me! Thank you genetics for long legs!

Horribly enough, the awful streak didn’t end there for when I arrived to class and sat at my desk, I was surrounded by three of the loudest gum chewers I’ve ever encountered in my entire life, thus far! I can honestly tell you, that all I wanted to do to them was ring their necks until the elastic, rubber-like substance fell from their motionless body and smile a wicked smile of content!

Is it just me, or is it that I’m the only one who understands the importance of courtesy, manners, and consideration in general?! Apparently so! If it wasn’t the one to my left, it was the dummy to my far right, or it was the one who was the loudest of them all; the dumb-ass who sat directly behind me! There’s nothing more unnerving to me than hearing someone chew like a cow… Were you raised in a barn with barbarians for fathers and cattle for mothers?! I highly doubt it! So why do behave as though you have, and at the age of 20-25? The nerve of some people..

One thing is for sure, I know for a fact that I gave my professor a scare and a worried brow for she glanced towards me with a nervous face of concern when she saw me clench my fist and tap at the desk with my pen. I wanted to turn around and ask the blubbering, idiot behind me if he could chew with his mouth closed because that incessant sound of cow chewing was driving me bat-shit crazy. At the very least I didn’t, for I kept fooling myself that the time would go by fast and I would leave the glass within a few (what seems like) 20 minutes- what rotten luck I had for it felt like 5 hours rather than one and a half.

He was a very lucky being at that. Let’s hope my luck with idjit’s like him improves, otherwise there will be an increase in victims.  -,.,-