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Since I can remember, I’ve always been a good sport at dressing up for EVERY Halloween. Although, this Halloween 2013 was a little different from the rest, for I didn’t have the chance of dressing up- well I had something in mind, but it wasn’t a true outfit, so I left that fly out the window and let the makeup do the talking. Unfortunately, we were unable to spend Halloween or pay my aunt (I miss her dearly) a visit since the car has been nothing, but a mess of nonfunctional metal bits. So that was disappointing, which also meant no Trick-or-Treating. So you may say that it was a bummer on that note- mostly the trick-or-treating for my siblings… Also, Halloween lands on my monthly anniversary of how long my boyfriend and I have been together (5 years and 2 months now), we usually talk, but there was no talking this year. Unfortunately, there has been little chatting as of late since he’s been so busy.. 😦

Despite there having been no Trick-or-Treating, it was more productive than most Halloweens- which I enjoyed most. The morning was spent by creating my burned flesh and Razor Candi make up, I got a lot of wonderful compliments on my commute from the house to the Metro-station to the campus. ^,.,^ Made me smile!


MUA- Izcentric

Around the hour of 15:15 (03:15) Vicky (Munchie) stopped by to have her makeup done by the ever talented gal right here! Haha She decided to go for a scarecrow this year and if I do say so myself, I did a wicked job! She was so enraptured by the outcome, she wanted to show it off to her co-workers. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a few scares along the ride to her job. We managed to creep out a few little kids, but they warmed up to us later along the ride and Vicky gave $2 to a 3 year old little girl who was almost too scared- poor thing. But her sister summoned some courage and walked up to us and played with my scarecrow along the route to Books and Books. I found it very fulfilling to know my job was a success, for no one recognized her at her work. haha Now that’s what I consider a job well done!

After some photo shots and a couple chats, we stuck a round for some laughs and a coffee break- well a Chai latte that is. I cannot tell you how ADDICTED I’ve become to those lattes. I honestly cannot pass by her job without having my nose pick up on the scent of pumpkin and Chai to then having my stomach and brain think of Chai latte all day long. I got my wish that night though, for I drank TWO Pumpkin Chai Lattes and enjoyed a marvelous Italian Wedding Soup. Good stuff! ^,.,^ Although, I was NOT expecting such a crash from the lattes, but that occurred when we arrived at Favi’s Salon to help Brian with the last of his full body makeup. 😉

It was a refreshing walk, but it wasn’t all too fruitful when I felt my heart skip a beat at least a couple times during the walk or when my pace began to lessen. I got back on track when we were a few steps away from the salon and when Brian opened the door, boy was I happy to fall straight onto the cool floor and drink up my mini bottle of rejuvenating ice, cold water. Enough laying around and get my ass to work! I really liked the detail for the spine, was WAY better than the front, in my opinion. Brian agreed as well. So next time when Izzy says she’ll do the makeup, what are you going to do? Go to Izzy so she can get the job done correctly the first time, or you do it yourself.

After the paint job, it was my turn to finish the other half of me face. I went with a simple design, nothing fancy, but the stitches were a must just to give it a Halloween touch- since I was not dressed up for it. Both Brian and Vicky beat me this year at it! Damnit!

We had to wait a bit in the Salon until Favi arrived so we could head out and enjoy the night of Halloween festivities. It was a bit of a wait, which I kept falling asleep through it and kept asking for 00:10 minutes more of rest, but my body got the better of me so I danced myself awake to the ever addicting EisenFunkPentafunk. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long, and we also got a nice treat for the wait, a nice drink of red wine! But it was a fucking mission to find  the bottle opener, that so happened to also have a crack in it and broke on us. So Brian and I had to pry the damn cork out from the bottle. We finally popped the damn thing open after a nice tug-o-war… Painful at that too.

After a few chats and tarot reading, we were out of there before it poured (which it never did)- here’s where the decision making came into play. We didn’t feel like walking to Coco-walk and having already experienced it once, it’s kind of a one-time event really, so we went to Flanigan’s for some grub. The food was delicious as always. We settled for appetizers, which was even better considering it was 12:35 when we arrived. I forgot how big the portions were, but it was well worth it and oh so good to devour! ‘Mmm, mozzarella sticks and curly fries..’ ^,.,^ Happy tummy. I also stole a few nachos from Brian. hehe XD Vicky, she loved her potato skins and a few of my curly fries, but was (I believe) seeing it to be unfair that I kept finding all the super curly fries. I found a few of them and gave them to her so she didn’t feel left out from the delicious curylness, I also played around with a few of them. Always the character. hahaha

Dessert was, ugh, TO DIE FOR! I swear I was in brownie/oreo/whipped cream/ vanilla ice cream heaven! >,.,< I think I gained 10 lbs from all that I ate. XD Hmm.. In all, it was a stupendous night, I enjoyed it and seeing my two lovelies always makes it better and a wicked good time. Thank you Vicky for treating us! ❤

Photo’s from our night at Flanigan’s:


Food? Nah.. more like television.


Nothing says famished like a skeleton. 😉


Before the removal..


Making faces





More face making