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This Saturday was a blast, but also a bit of bummer since I was excited to work on a big piece for a friends makeup and get paid while having fun. Unfortunately, he was a no show for the makeup since he was in Hollywood, FL and his means of transportation was his friend who couldn’t take him on time.

I was terribly disapponted, what with lookng forward to getting to work with some great prosthetics, but I at least had the chance to better my feelings of being let down to happiness for my lovely friend Brian had a HUGE paint job that needed to help with and if I do say so myself, it turned out GREAT!!

Skeleton 2 (half body)

Bad-ass right?!

Bad-ass right?!

I was happy how the makeup turned out. He really liked it and we scared quite a few walking back and forth to Vicky’s job- not mention got some wicked stares and shocked the living crap out of people. Love it when that happens.

My make-up was slightly influenced by a photo I saw a few years ago from second, favorite role-model, Razor Candi.

I just love her in this photo! It has to be one of my favorites. The color contrast and pale skin with big, purple hair is so eye-catching.

But I was inspired by the makeup and color of her makeup in that photo and here’s how it turned out.

creepy but gorgeous creepy makeup creepy smile makeup outfit 2 outfit 3

What would you do if you saw this face in the bathroom?

What would you do if you saw this face in the bathroom?

outfit Razor Candi inspired and burned flesh makeup surprised

It received a lot of wonderful feed-back from a lot of the attendees at the party, not to mention a lot of likes from facebook on this one too. And as a friend had said, it is grotesque, gorgeous, killer, and creepy. Looking hot and creepy seems to be my best quality. πŸ˜‰

fetish party night

Good looking and creepy- perfect!

fetish party halloween

Creatures of the night. πŸ˜‰

fetish party halloween themed halloween fetsh party

What a night it was! I was happy to have enjoyed myself and had as much fun at the party. I’ll post more photos from the night in a following post. For now I’m off to cuddle the sheets and fight the pillows.