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It seems everyone was drunk off their ass or enjoyed one hell of a Friday night last week. I know I made the right decision when I chose to go out with friends to a birthday of a very kind and beautiful girl who was turning 21. It is the big “2” “1” after all so what better way to celebrate it than with a bounce house, a pool, dancing and my vodka and Wolfe berry drink?!- really nice concoction I made their.

Before we attended the party, we were faced with the dilemma of bringing our own bottle and finding a place to buy at a decent price. Luckily for us, there was a Publix with an adjacent liquor store which was in WAY better condition (the bottles) than the previous liquor store our friends dropped us off by. They ladies at the liquor store adjacent to Publix were also most endearing and one was kind enough to answer my question and give me a few recommendations on beers since I’m not really a beer person- the smell never pleased my nose as a little girl when I would see my dad enjoy a bottle with my uncles. To this day whenever he or someone is drinking beer I still cannot see what is there to enjoy about it since the smell to me is so repulsing. So I took advantage of my opportunity to ask a few questions and I found that I may, perhaps, be willing to give a second chance to the beverage, but ONLY to the brand Dog Fish for since it is Oktober Fest, they came out with a “Punkin Beer”. Quick fact; if you ever wish to get my attention, simply mention that you have something made with or of pumpkin. Or simply mention pumpkin spice latte and I’m yours until I finish my latte. Haha

We never settled on the “Punkin Beer” no matter how bad I wanted it, but we left with an armful of Jack Daniels: Honey Tennessee and a keg of Heineken- bleh. I know I’ve tried it, but yuck! Although I think I gave a second chance to Jack Daniels, but it must be the Honey Tennessee otherwise it will remain as nothing but an ingredient for my burgers.

Had to wait a while before we could leave for the party, when we met up the rest of the group who dropped us off on the curb. They were busy playing Magic The Card Game. While waiting I hauled ass across the plaza to reach the McDonalds that was thankfully right across from us, to buy some chocolate chip cookies. My stomach was hurting from being empty so it was time to eat! I also realized that the boy sitting next to me in the car was a friend that I’ve not seen in ages! It was nice seeing Adrian again and knowing his mom was alright as well as the family. So many laugh at that McDonald’s though. It really is such a small world!

Thankfully after a well spent 00:20 waiting, we finally left the plaza and headed of to the party. Bounce house, pools, dancing, games, who could ask for a better night?

The black light was a nice touch, although I had nothing white but socks on. Although what glowed was my skin. You know you’re pale when you glow under black light. Lol
I wasn’t too happy to know that there wasn’t much water so I asked to be kidnapped by two darling people (Alex and Bea)where we drove to the nearest grocery store for water and chasers. It was desperately needed considering the majority of the people at the party, who brought their own bottles, didn’t drink without a chaser unless it was beer- yuck!

Sue me okay. I’m not a beer kind of gal, I’ve only accepted the great qualities of beer in cooking and that’s the only recognition it will receive from me- just as J.D.

Any way, I had blast as we arrived back to the party from buying the chasers. I felt less like an alien from outer-space when I saw Tony, Alex, Kristally, Carlos and many more people who knew me. Don’t get me wrong, I love going places even though there are few familiar faces, but put me in that situation I’m going to be the shy girl in the corner, sitting in her chair while drinking her mixed concoction. It isn’t until I feel or become comfortable with others in that situation that my silly, creepy and crazy self truly shines through. My best quality, being ever so amusing. πŸ˜‰ But not to worry, if you strike a conversation with me, I’m won’t cut you off, but be sure that you’re ready to carry on a convo with me rather than compliment and ask a quick question about something and state the obvious about something else and then mozie on off. It’s just rude and obnoxious when someone starts a conversation and kills it right then and there.

Putting aside my rants, I can honestly say that I was glad I enjoyed myself and had a great night. I know this Friday (Oct. 25, 2013) there will be another gig my friend O’scar has mentioned to me. May be fun and perhaps I’ll have the time or open schedule for it. As of right now, I’m booked solid with two paintings (one being a commission piece for Vicky) and then I’m sinking into my sketch book to draw out a few ideas for make-up project I’ve been asked to do- which I’ll be getting paid! Wihoo!! It pays off when you practice your talents in art and someone asks you for your help and in the end you’re being paid to have fun. I love it!

Pictures of me being silly before the party:

me 2 meΒ 

Sorry for the lousy quality. I-pod has a bit of crack over the glass- thankfully not on the lens.Β