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Bleak weather, pouring rain and flood warnings have been the weather forecast for the past few weeks. It’s nice, but after a solid three weeks of it, you’re slipping in the mood for a day of sunlight so you can enjoy a day without soggy shoes and wet socks.
It’s not all bad; for those who enjoy this kind of bipolar weather. It saves me from spending cash on sunblock for a few weeks, so I can’t complain. πŸ™‚
Although, I know I’m going to suffer when the sun comes out; for the more it rains, the more humid and hot it becomes here in Florida. X,.,X

I’m sure I’ll make it out alive, but I cannot say the same for people who are not accustomed to this humid heat. I’m used to the wet heat, but it sucks when you’re wearing clingy clothing. It may not bother me (majority of the time it doesn’t), but sometimes I just have a picking and tugging that need attention. Haha

I was happy it rained as much as it did for it was perfect weather to enjoy Cold Stone ice cream to with Vicky (Riley). Also a “buy one get one free” coupon really completed the whole night! Made me happy to enjoy (finally) a HUGE Chocolate Devotion for once. Vicky got a cookies n’ cream with brownie and chocolate chips- which we later made a Viking Funeral for. She never finished it. 😦


Us enjoying our time at Cold Stones. ^,.,^


My Chocolate Devotion.