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It’s been awful being bed ridden for these past 8 days. With nothing to do but recuperate, cough my lungs out and hurt my ribs; it seems as though I’ll never feel better, but I shouldn’t focus on the negative aspects and become worrisome. I should focus on the bright side that I am at least getting a good workout in there on the abdominals from coughing so much. It seems I’m caught up with my sit-ups as it appears. Such nice muscle tone and definition. Oh yeah, I’m totally good to go! haha

Well, I doubt coughing really works like that, but I do have my bit of evidence which has truly astonished me.

abs 2 abs

Well it’s not six pack haha, but you see that bit of definition. Good news though, I am FINALLY feeling a lot better and am slowly but surely returning back to my old self- health wise, but the body is slimmer. So I will continue my workouts more often now and with organize my busy schedule and keep it prioritized- by prioritizing I mean prioritizing those much needed sit ups.

But I am also feeling very triumphant for I will not only attend class again tomorrow, but I will also set out to look for part time work at few stores. What with Halloween coming around the corner and the stores getting busier by the minute, I figure I may have some luck job hunting. Crossing the fingers till they break off- I’ll sell those on my etsy as new hair accessories for you. 😉

Speaking of Esty, I have new products underway that are just about finished! I will show you a few photos in the next post. It’s been fun getting back to my craft at my liesure and I really enjoy my necklaces! I think I have a knack for jewelry making- aside from many other abilities. 😉 haha Although I am no Pinkabsinthe– which I strongly suggest to visit her wonderful Etsy shop. I just love her work not to mention meticulous creations. It is just eye catching! I have yet to purchase myself a lovely ring from her shop- but the best gift is the one you’ve worked towards getting. So patience is needed a little longer, but all in good time!

I will leave you with this small update at the very least for I am busy at the moment with a load of mathematics (that I will finish within two days from now) and then I will play a favourite game of mine; Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box!

Tons of Love Bites,