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And all I can say to you is this: *cough cough* *sneeze* *blows nose*…

Honestly I don’t know how I’m capable of feeling my best one day and then the next, I feel as though death is upon me. It amazes me how easily one can become ill and worsen over night just by, what it seems, a flick of a switch. You become tired of the “ick” feeling after experiencing the sensation of being ill, whether it be lethal or not, frequently; and I’ve just about had enough of it!

Terribly annoying is what it is! Luckily it’s nothing too serious, but a soar throat, congested nasal passages and sinuses with a bit of a come-and-go headache- with luck I’ve not jinxed myself.

With wishful thinking, I will soon display signs of getting well and little, by little I will regain an appetite and energy that is desperately needed. On top of being sick, it seems you cannot be qualified as sick unless you feel lethargic too. Damn it!

With luck I should recover soon and rid myself of this nasty bug. Let it be soon- I hope.