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Every Goth girl shoots for looking her best and displaying wicked make-up skills, but there are those mornings where we either feel too tired, too sick or simply not creative enough and walking out without any foundation, eye liner or lipstick is simply not an option. So what better make up to fall back than a lazy make up- just because it’s lazy doesn’t mean it has to be or looks sloppy. There really is no excuse for my laziness since I’m no longer ill, but I’m allowed to have a few moments or days when I simply wish to walk out the door in a flash with still looking my best but sporting a look that says “Yeah I’m tired, but I can still do my best at looking good”.

Usually I get Β into a creative zone with my make up, but on some mornings when I’m just not feeling the creative side of me; I rely on a more simple and nice looking make up. πŸ˜‰

Here’s one I made a tutorial on a while ago- just uploaded that video to Youtube now though..