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So a lot has happened in the past two months and I have a little confession to make to you guys… *dramatic pause* I haven’t been as active on my blog as  I always have since my best friend and sister moved farther away to Pembroke Pines. It’s a city here in Florida, but it is located in the Broward County and it is at least (given a good drive) about 2 hours away given that I am in Miami-Dade County. It’s been tough not having the chance to see her as regularly as I used to (which sucks) and I’ve felt very depressed since the big move.

Reasons for her moving were mostly financial, but luckily she was able to move in with her eldest sister (the proud mom of that cute baby I showed you) and was able to bring with her, two of her three dogs. The other one is safe, she just resides at her second eldest sister’s home with her own dog. Her mom is doing just fine too! So why am I not smiling to know that my best friend and loving sister is under a nice home and doing well? Simply because I miss her. T,.,T It’s hard to reconfigure your life around something new that just happens out of the blue without prior notice and brings you down like a ton of bricks. But don’t sink you heads down just yet; there’s a good ending, I promise!

Though we do not get the chance to hang out as often or pass by each others houses as we used to or have our wicked Friday nights; we managed to communicate well thus far and have been able to each other at our friends Salon or simply plan a day to hang out at the mall and play DDR with a few other friends. So far the method is working.

——————————————Moving Along——————————————–

Last Saturday I was able to enjoy a wonderful Saturday night with two cute boys (Jose and Abdel) whom I’ve not seen for quite some time. First time I was ever given a bouquet of Churos instead of flowers, but there’s always a first for everything. haha It was sweet and kind gesture- thanks Jose.

After enjoying my bouquet we waited out the arrival of out friend Abdel. We were expecting another friend to join the group but he could not make it, luckily though, Abdel was able to make it at least so it was then a crazy trio. While we waited for Abdel to make his way to the mall, we enjoyed a nice stroll from store to store, so many neat things, sucks when you don’t have cash, but it’s fun to walk in and have a look see at all the cool things- which is was we did in Spencer’s, the music store, Hot Topic, etc.

I’m sure you’ve all walked into Spencer’s and are well aware of their “sexual section”. Oh the things we read and saw. It never gets old. Oh how a lot of people apparently need help in that department if they have to sell you coupons to give you ideas for sexy time. haha But I found a few chokers that were really nice, but way too big around my neck. I do recommend you walking in a few times just for laughs. PARENTS, DO NOT BRING CHILDREN INTO STORE 16 YEARS AND UNDER. That’s my recommendation.

Any way, after having been hugged to death we had a difficult time deciding on what to do since we were short on time before Jose had to leave so it was off to T.G.I. Friday’s to enjoy a delicious dinner and a nice refreshing drink. 😉

My dinner, which I highly recommend any fish lover to try, was the Dragonfire Salmon. The dish is made with fresh Norwegian salmon fillet fire-grilled and glazed in a Kung Pao sauce; served with pineapple pico de gallo (which was really a nice touch with the spicy kick from the Kung Pao Sauce), a ginger-lime slaw and steamed broccoli. So good it still makes me salivate just thinking about it. Oh, the drink of the night was a Platinum Mojito. Smooth, refreshing, leaves you feeling cool and has a nice flavor from the lime, mint leaves and agave, but it was almost too sweet for my taste. For those who have been around me, yeah I like sweet drinks like schnapps (when I’m in the mood for it); I tend to go for the more robust, sour drinks or at least those that I know have a nice kick or perhaps a tartness with a hint of sweet to it. So in case you see me in the near future and invite me for a drink, remember, I like the strong stuff with a nice chaser. 😉

Any who, after our rockin’ dinner (thanks again Jose and Abdel) we walked to the theatre and while the guys were making decisions on what to do or what not to do, I played a few games to pass the time. I love the motorcyclist ones the best. 😉 After my thrill we parted ways with Jose and Abdel and I were left to watch the movie Elysium.

My honest opinion, the movie was actually pretty good! Could have been better with more creativity instead of being related to the anime.. But for it being a post apocalyptic, health hazard of society versus the classes and throwing in the chilling truth that those who have money can afford it; it actually was a pretty cool film and the graphics are awesome!

I don’t show much attention in writing about what went on with this film since majority of the time I was either distracted by conversations and hearing the voices of the ever loud people sitting around us. So I won’t go much into detail for this, but to end this on a good note I do have something for you guys that you’ll really like, but I’ll save that for later and leave at as a surprise with a hint.

Think of the guys from “Shaun of the Dead”.. hopefully it’s not too obvious- although I’m sure it is. XP