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Ever have a few too many shirts that your tired of wearing day in and day out? Good, so do I; which is why I decided to make myself a new shirt and one that was comfy and felt more like me.


– A black shirt (fitted cotton)
– White fabric paint (Tulip brand works best)
– A paint brush
– Fabric Chalk
– Cardboard box or medium sized canvas
– Paper clips


How to:

– First, put the canvas inside the shirt and clip it to the card board or canvas. This will not only keep it stabilized and prevent messy lines, but this also helps prevent the paint from seeping through the fabric.

-When you’ve clipped your shirt, if you’re not good with drawing in a straight line, I recommend you use a ruler to measure the length or simply draw a straight line to coordinate yourself and have a straight stencil. I don’t know about you, but when I’m drawing, painting, crafting (whatever it may be) if it does not look good as a finished product I die a little inside.. So perfectionism is key!

-Begin to sketch out you Toxic letters or whatever you wish, with your fabric chalk. Not to worry if you mess up with the fabric chalk, it washes off. Once you have you stencil drawn, pour about a palm full of fabric paint into a painters pallet or plastic/Styrofoam bowl. You will need more paint, but it is best to start off with just a palm full so it does not dry out. Begin to paint your letters, carefully painting along the edges since fabric paint adheres well and fast to fabric. So a dabbing technique works well along the edges as well as a smooth glide. This is a time consuming process so be sure to be patient.

– Once your letters have been painted in, put to dry over night while still clipped to board or canvas. Following morning, check your now painted letters. Paint should be dry and has adhered to fabric. Grab your fabric chalk and begin to draw out you biohazard symbol. I didn’t want to go the original symbol so I chose one that has been altered a bit to a more recent look.

-Your finished sketch should look like this….


-Last thing to do is paint your biohazard sign! Remember the technique or find one that works for you. Let dry over night while clipped and check it in the morning. Remember to add two coats of paint to the letters and sign. This will ensure the longevity of your work.

-Unclip your shirt after reviewing your work and put it to wash. Paint will not fade since it has had more than 12 hours to adhere to fabric. Once washed, dry on low heat and done! Your work should look like this.


Now you have a new addition to you wardrobe and one that can be worn anytime for with anything (except special occasions).

Tons of Love Bites,