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Ever have those DVD’s or Cd’s that you love or treasure full of scratches, but you don’t throw them away because they’re hard to find or too expensive to buy? Worry no more for I’m here to save your night (or life) from making that dreaded decision to throw away that CD or DVD or keep it as a dust collector since it works no more.

While browsing along YouTube for a few ideas and songs to listen to for the night while painting away, I came across one of these most helpful tips from a You Tuber that I am subscribed to. You may know the channel as HouseholdHacker, if not, then get moving and check this channel out for it will make you day or night especially if you’re in a jam or just in the mood to learn a few tricks that can help you along the road of adulthood or basic know-how.

When I first saw this video, I thought that it was some sort of lie or ingenious trick that was done to fool the viewers and simply become a crowd pleaser, but my opinion quickly changed as soon as I tried this quick fix out for myself.

I usually find a lot of DVD’s or CD’s lying around, face down and exposed to the harmful environment of dust, floors and siblings that are unaware of their surroundings. After having watched this video, I got to thinking and decided to try this fix for myself. All you’ll need are household items, I used seltzer water for I DO NOT drink diet drinks of anything of the sort- which I have quite an interesting fact to tell you all about those low caloric foods and beverages. In the end, I used this helpful method and the final product was exactly that of what the video demonstrates.

Hope this was helpful enough for you as it was for me. Let me know how it came out!