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NOTE: Terribly late post, but I do hope come this years Megacon 2014 I will be more prompt about posting my adventures.

Now that I’ve realized it, I never had the chance not got around to sharing my Orlando Trip experience with you. So better late than never.

A lot happened throughout my trip in Orlando, but I needed to escape the disgusting, depressing rut I was in during the past two months (this being before March)…

Our ride to Orlando was amazing! CD’s, yeah we enjoy listening to shiny, silver disks, especially when they include great music (provided by none-other than myself). Though having had our time for departure switched multiple times, especially on the day for travel, we still managed to make it on time, get there safe, have our fun and watch me go crazy.

After kissing our bums goodbye (not to mention preparing the legs and ass for a solid four and a half hours worth of driving) we pretty much had an open road, pleasant scenery of orange groves (beautiful; shame I could not take photos…next year) and open pastures filled with grazing cows and horses. We were the first ones to arrive at our destination since the rest of the group got a late start on the trip (by two hours). We waited out the three hours, but I decided to get going so we came to the agreement to enjoy the remaining bit of the convention while awaiting the groups arrival.

There wasn’t much going on since we arrived to the Orange County Convention center at 19:20 (07:20). So we roamed around (Captain Price, Abby, and I) took some photos, saw Destin Dern walking by with two really pretty girls (loved the purple one’s outfit and tail- as well as his outfit). Such a good looking boy and that red latex does him justice, both Abby and I think so. 😉

Sadly our little fun was cut short for the night when we entered the 1 hour mark. Apparently that was when everyone made their arrival and walked into the hotel room. Unfortunately, it wasn’t smooth sailing for us from there until the second night. Thankfully though, because of my dead tired body, I indirectly saved the night by falling asleep on one of three beds (one was a sleeper sofa). Yay, Izzy saved the night!  So if you’re ever having a tough time claiming a spot to sleep, simply drive four and a half hours, sitting awake the whole time and have the most tired person indirectly claim a bed before someone else. 😉 That’s my tip for you!

To tell the truth all I remember before knocking out, was tossing and turning, closing my eyes and steadily dozing off to sleep while wishing for everyone to shut up since it was already.. oh…03:30 in the damn morning?! Eventually I did and did not wake up even with all the noise (so it seems I was more exhausted than I realized). But you shouldn’t go on an assumption that you’ll have lots of time for sleep on a trip, especially one with con-goers. It’s only wishful thinking…

So one thing to remember when attending conventions with a group of friends or not: YOU WILL NOT GET A LOT OF REST OR ANY TO BE EXACT!