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I enjoy my weird and unpredictable dreams, they keep me entertained. What I do not like is how much my emotions are reflected in them!
pizap.com13752923163951<– Couldn’t find an angry brain I liked, so I made one
Last nights dream began with my arrival to the Miami International Airport. I was purchasing plane tickets to Oregon and or New York, for some reason I could not make a decision. It suddenly changed and I could swear I was somewhere that looked like Auschwitz after the war- you should know which one.
From there, for some apparent reason, I did not notice that my cat Nemo had snuck away into my carry-on bag and when I was inside a building he jumped out and startled me. The dream kept going for a while with me walking from destroyed building to destroyed building. I found body parts as well. As I walked out from one building, someone hysterically runs out from one of the buildings and yells “Zombies, Zombies!” I swear I thought I was in the music video for Grendel- Zombie Nation V2K5 (great song).
Afterwards, I found my self in a lockdown! Everyone there was a sad, little, vulnerable worm as how they looked. Me, I was in the rest of the building walking! Bright, no? From walking I had found a tiny, runt of a kitten- great, so now I have two cats in my carry-on with me.. *sigh* I ran back to the lockdown or holding area just in time too. For when I left the room I was in, the zombies began to barge in. I remember distinctly looking out from one of the windows, seeing people going to fight the living undead, but they looked and died like concentration camp victims- perhaps I’ve watched too many WWII films.
One person was slammed against the window I was looking out from. Poor bastard. Before I could react, it turned into a rush of people running through the doors to the airport that so happened to be connected to the lockdown facility we were in. That is when it began to reflect my emotions.. I lost Nemo! But then I found him-so I thought…
As I entered the airport, it was too late to turn back for they had locked the doors to give everyone enough time to leave. But as soon as I walked in, I realized I was not carrying Nemo, but a different cat. I see perfectly in extremely dim light, but it seems my dreams never wish to give me any advantage.. So I wept because I felt awful and I had lost my friend.
Of course the tiny runt of a kitten was still there, oh yes, but not my cat oh no! As I got into the terminal, crying I might add, one of the women there walked up to me, and I for some reason told her what had occurred- I don’t know why. She then told me “I’m truly sorry to hear about that sweety. But at least you found a cat that deserves a loving home and not a concentration camp. Your cat is dying for a good cause. Not to worry!” She then smiled and left. I wanted to strangle her! Who the hell would say something like that!? Right, only my mind..
From there, I had a bit of trouble boarding the plane since the cats would not sit still in the carry-on. Luckily I was able to board it though I don’t know how, I just did. Then I arrived home and from there I awoke. I have to say, this has been one the most strangest yet entertaining and saddening of dreams. Interesting story plot, congrats brain, but no thank you for reflecting my emotions!!