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So I’ve received quite a few questions on the topic of Demonia Boots today from a sweet reader. The last question was..

Im sorry but one more question,are demonia boots made of good material?ive heard they fall apart fast,but that might be from wearing them out alot or enviroment damage.

In answer to your question Pandora, Demonia Boots are made of good material. Problem is taking care of your boots and how often do you wear them. For starters, the material that Demonia uses for the making of their boots is of good quality! They use both Matte Leather and Patent Leather- my favorite. I prefer to purchase boots made of patent leather. Reason for this is because it is already a protected leather. Patent leather lasts longer, with good care of course, and does not wear away or show the ‘veins of age’- as how I call them, on matte leather.

But everyone has their own preference and that is perfectly fine!

Aside from that, basic things you should know about owning Demonia Boots is:

If you wear them often, expect the platform to wear out a bit! I wear mine almost constantly, but thankfully I know when to give them a break. So far I’ve had my Demonia Trashville 502 Boots for a year and though you can tell they’ve been worn, they still look sleek and shiny as new! REMEMBER PROPER CARE IS A MUST!!

Depending on your environment or climate you may have, I suggest to wear them when it is comfortable for you. Avoid wearing them in the rain, but if you live in Florida as I do and since rain is a regular thing- also nice; when you arrive home, with a dry paper towel or dry wash cloth, remove the laces and dry your boots. Then with a shine sponge, ensure the surface is free from dust and dirt, wipe sponge lightly over surface. For long-lasting protection, I suggest to regularly treat your shoes. The brand I use for the job is Kiwi- Shine Sponge.

Try not to run in them for that will really shorten the life span of your boots. Not to mention create holes at the bottom of the platform.

Order Demonia shoes one size up from your natural shoe size, they run small.

Breaking them in is easy! I suggest walking about the house in them or around town when you go out. If you’re not accustomed to being a few inches taller than your normal height and if you have horrible coordination, my advice is to practice, practice, practice! But not to worry, you’ll learn to love them and you will become accustomed to them.

I do hope this answers your question! Feel free to ask about anything that may pop into your mind. I will do my best to answer your questions! ^,.,^
Tons of Love Bites,