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Fourteen days since my last post and I have much to tell, but I also feel as though I should be punished for not having written as frequently as I usually have. I’ll receive punishment later. 😉

Any way, this post is titled “Supercon Day 2”, though I may write a bit off-topic, I assure you; I will mention all of my day 2 experience from the convention. So sit, enjoy a drink or not, although you may want one just to enjoy the full experience.

As of late I have not had the chance to post as much due to my laptop being under the needle (so to speak) after learning that the hard drive decided to commit suicide- a new one is being ordered. As you can imagine this has been very difficult for me since the majority of things are online now days. It is more difficult considering I do not enjoy shopping in an actual mall since I usually purchase my clothes online. Saves me the trouble of wasting cash to take the train, dealing with snobbish vendors and handing my money to them for something I could buy, of better quality I might add, online. As you can denote, you’ve either figured out Miami is full of complete fools (which is true, in my opinion) or that people here are never kind- actually majority of people along the East Coast are never kind.

Setting aside my bickering, even though I DO NOT have a laptop at the moment, I do have paper and pen and so I have written two articles for Darkest Goth Online Magazine (which you should check out) that are about Spooky Empire- must go; the others of a song of the week (idea) and shops for you to check out and why (industrial/alternative shops).


Onto the main topic, for you cute darlings I did see at the conventions and received bone crushing hugs from, I wanted to let you know that I loved it all and was happy to see your faces and that you were enjoying the weekend at Supercon. Made me smile a big pearly, toothy white grin.

The second day was everything BUT smooth sailing for us considering we arrived home at the hour of 2-3 in the morning and some of us (myself included at times) are NOT morning people. Night people yes, but morning no! It seemed that almost every cosplay or outfit/costume my two crazies had in mind to wear never went well for them until later in the day or after much frustration trying to perfect it or find a missing piece to fix a broken piece. Ugh.. You honestly cannot move about the day being as flustered as they were, it does things to your concentration and train of thought. Thankfully everything fell into place when we arrived, walked that same mile from the post office, over the bridge and to the con, and walked through the glass double doors and were in the safe haven of air conditioning. I’m amazed I have not melted as of yet with this blistering, summer heat in Florida.

Sadly the photos for this day too were lost to the depths of the electronic graveyard, but I can tell you this, my sweet Jess made a grotesquely, yet beautiful Bubble Head Nurse and her darling love boy made an excellent James Sunderland (Silent Hill Game 2). Unlike me, they actually port forth the effort to cosplay as a character of some show/anime/game. I choose to make my life a little less or more complicating by choosing to do my own creation with a few borrowed ideas.

But my efforts were not for waste since I entered in the costume contest and runway. The costume contest was on day two and it was a lot of fun scarring and seeing the judges expressions. The applauding from the audience was also nice, but shocking since I did not expect them to like it since it was nothing but my own original creation. It made my night none the less! ^,.,^

We then had the chance to enjoy a night at “James Sunderland’s” friends home and the cutest, most softest dog I had ever seen was there as well. We at least made it back home at the hour 3:20.
Interesting time I had over there. Was nice to meet new people and speak to them, but what can I say, sometimes I’m a shy little mouse but when I become comfortable I open up and become my eccentric, loving self who says the most strangest of things.

Day three is another story to tell and I will do just that in the next post. I promise you it will not be 14 days after.

It is now time for me to finish watching V for Vendetta and to prepare your necks for all the love bites. Oops, em… That was NOT to be given away.. Oh shoot!!

Tons of Love Bites,