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Dinner seems to be one of the most annoying meals to fix for everyone (so I’ve seen). But I have something to tell you that many do not care to know about. Dinner is the lightest meal of the day. It does not need to be complex or “fancy” as how I’m told when I’m at home in the kitchen; but it’s a meal that should be kept simple or light as possible for the stomach. I will explain.

Before giving out my recipe for tuna salad or mix, however you like to name it, at night your stomach is just about ready to hit the hay with the brain and think of nothing but the meal you enjoyed before you closed your eyes and left for dream land. But no, a lot of people and my family included decided that meat or basically heavy things is okay for dinner. Especially since those are the most offered ideas for the dinner table, it does not mean that you should constantly eat it day in and day out. Otherwise not only would your stomach suffer, but your health as well.

Yeah sometimes it’s okay, I’m not saying it isn’t good to eat meat or sometimes heavy dinner, but if you think of it; while you rest your organs are resting too. (or trying to). So if you eat something that is too heavy for a stomach to handle, at nights your stomach will work twice as hard while you sleep and it will probably wake up with an upset feeling. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

So I offer you an alternative or addition for you to add/try for dinner. A tuna mix or salad. It’s refreshing, light on the stomach and is also a cold dinner that you can eat during the summer without feeling uncomfortable.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “How hard is it to make your own tuna mix?”
It isn’t! I am just giving you an idea and new recipe, my recipe for a delicious tuna mix.

Here’s what to do:



If you’re interested in another cold dish for a light dinner, I will post a new recipe for a Cold Pasta with Feta cheese in the next two days.

Hope you enjoy and decide to try this recipe for those who enjoy fish.

Tons of Love Bites,