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I generally don’t write about many events or interesting night outs for you to attend, but I thought it over and said why not, maybe those of you who are in the neighborhood would enjoy a night in Orlando where I could sadly not attend.

This weekend (July 13th-14th) there will be a night event being held at Thee Grotto in State Lane, Orlando, FL. A few friends of mine will be there attending the event and providing the good music for you all to enjoy. Sadly though, circumstances changed and let’s just say that I cannot attend this weekend.

It’s killing me to miss out on great music! Do you know how it feels to promise a friend you’ll try to make it there and yet you can’t because of some stupid shit?! AGH!!!!! ….


Sorry about that *phew*… Any way, now that I am calm –pfft, so she says- I will let you in on where the event is being held, what time and what the attire is. Of course, I could always copy and paste the information here onto the post and have it seem less annoying for you than scrolling up,down, all around for the wonderful information.

So; what kind of information will I divulge to you? Easy! The necessary information you require to reach the place…if you’re interested.

Thee Grotto
360 State Lane
downtown Orlando, 32801

  • Chance of a Thunderstorm 91°F / 72°F
  • Welcome to the Devil’s Carnival, a dark night full of live shows and special guests!!Come Party with Jet and DJ Annabel Evil from Vampirefreaks and get warmed up for nolongerhuman and Fearpassage!!!!Come dressed up with us and add to the spirit of the theme!! Scary clowns, sexy lion tamer, demon ringmaster, bearded lady, shrunken heads etc….. It’s like pre-gaming for Halloween!!! HAHA

    Just a small bit of information, but I hope those of who enjoy this music I enjoy and love so much, I hope you will attend, have fun and enjoy the night I cannot, at least for now

Tons of Love Bites,