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Well I did have a video to show the make up and make a short post for the time being, but it seems even that doesn’t want to go my way.
To let you know, my laptop is having certain start up troubles and is not reading into the windows start menu, so it’s running a repair on the system it self and reformatting it to a month ago. I can only hope it works.
Putting that aside, Supercon this year was amazing in its own way and a real bitch in another. Sadly to say, but Supercon you need a larger parking lot. Good news though, it did not change from what it used to be so that’s always a good thing to hear. Although the location will no longer be the Double Tree Hotel and Covention Center. In order to compensate for everyone who attended and those who will attend, Supercon will relocate somewhere by South Beach. I can only hope that next year is smooth sailing for us than this. Parking by the post office and walking 1.5 miles from the car to the convention and back was not of a convenience and would have been nice not to hear two friends complaining over a small walk..

As usual Jess and I got started on our outfits at least 2 weeks before the con. We procrastinate too much on this and hopefully it stops soon because I don’t know how much I can take of this. At least until I go beyond the good kind of eccentricity. One thing I can’t deny is how cool our make up and outfits looked. 😉 I was happy that it was a perfect make up week. But even the old saying applies to conventions; “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Yeah it was a perfect make up week, but our mornings were total pains and I think my two crazies became a little too upset over the tiniest of things, but what can you do. A walk won’t kill you, but if you’re not in the mood to walk 1.5 miles to a convention because of parking, make sure to have someone drop you off and leave. Saves time and money. Also a bad headache.

Sadly I had to make some sacrifices this year at Supercon which means I was unable to take as many photos (any really), but I promise I will try to make it up to you.

pfft.. So she says
Really! I do!
Any way, here are the make up and outfits from day one at Supercon. Until my laptop is back and running, I cannot download anything but these for now. Hope you enjoy and think of ideas out of your own creativity. ^,.,^