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Dave & Busters has introduced five new games to its gamers and not only are they new, but you can play them for FREE! I got the chance to experience a few of them with a friend who invited me for a game night at Dave & Busters, but none of them caught my attention like Dark Escape 4D. The shining lights, the bloody background, the warning sign and real life experience made it a number one on my list. And for good reason too, what with there having been a waiting line just to play. But the wait was worth it and I give it a 4 – 4.5 rating out of 5 stars in my book of good Dave & Buster games to play.
And for my wonderful horror/gore gamers, I think you’ll be happy planning to play this game when visiting Dave and Busters.
The graphics, zombies, undead creatures, game experience and the thrills and chills from playing this game was great and when they say the anxiety, panic, terror experience never ends; they’re right on.
Five terrifying levels and one unknown level to be unlocked. The stakes growing higher as you triumph through the carcass infested lobbies, rooms, hallways and buildings. Your heart monitor beating every minute and with each beat getting faster and your pulse rate increasing every second. The suspense is killer, but you’re too focused on trying to survive the game and beating every boss it’s just too engrossing and addicting.

Remember to lend your partner a helping hand and that they do the same. Otherwise, if one of you dies, the one left standing is left to fend for themselves and the higher the level and suspense, the more likely your character will panic and the stronger each monster becomes. So keep your eyes peeled and keep your finger on the trigger. πŸ˜‰

For more of a “hands-on” feel in the game, choose 3D mode for the true 4D experience. To Dave and Busters, I say they made a good decision introducing this game as a new member to their family.

After enjoying game night at Dave and Busters, we stopped by Hottopic (it’s lost its touch) and I found two stickers that I thought to be pretty cool and thought they would be a nice addition to join the stickers on my laptop. It was nice hearing and receiving the wonderful compliments from the stores employees. Just goes to show you never know what you’ll encounter.

It was really sweet receiving compliments on my make up and shoes. πŸ˜‰ Although, no matter how many lovely compliments I receive from you guys at Hottopic; im sorry to say, but you’ve lost your touch. It is no longer the same Hottopic I once knew.

Anyway, here are some photo’s I took and edited to show you Dark Escape 4D and how my laptop now looks with new edition of my ‘Support Zombies’ sticker.


Tons of Love Bites,



My laptop is no longer a plain Jane.


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They’re coming to get you!


My edited version.