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It’s quite alright Jeeves. Simply crack it open, pour it out and hand it over to that gentleman in the corner who looks like he deserves a margarita…- Alright enough with my fascination of being 007, but when I meant crack it open and pour it out I meant that to be done to me so I could rid myself from this horrid headache that has, so it seems, a personal vendetta against me since it plans to leave me bed ridden..

Besides, if this persists, I’ll just drug myself up with Advil until I sleep like a baby… ZzzZz
Speaking about babies, today I met for the first time my best friends’ niece, which since we are so close and are like sisters, she is also like a niece to me. I cannot tell you how much I fawned over her, but baby Amaia is as cute, and adorable in person as she is in photos. Aww, I just wanted to eat her up, I just loved how cute she is. I can only hope to see the little darling sometime again, soon. ❀
But I have treat for you baby lovers, a picture of the beautiful bundle of cuteness.

Isn’t she cute?
For now I must get to sleep and plan for what to outfits to wear and things to make for Supercon this week. And by then, hopefully this bloody headache is dead in the grave.

Tons of Love Bites,