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It’s been a slow week (aside from it driving my brain crazy) Tuesday was the only day which was more productive than the rest since we got a small photo shoot out of the way. Nothing too big since it was in my friends apartment; thankfully the white wall came in handy. So happy I brought the blood (fake blood) otherwise I wouldn’t have much to go on except for makeup and artistic skills. Not a problem, but when you have two friends who are major pillow heads and your time is cut in half you’re limited to only so much. It just leaves enough room to squeeze through one outfit and one photo shoot. I cannot be a hypocrite though since I too took a bit of ‘cat-nap’ of my own, for 15 minutes.. okay no.. I’m complaining. Only 15 minutes and they took hours of sweet “Z’s”. Damn them! *sigh* And yet.. I love them. ❤

Thankfully, next time when we go on our photo shoot, it will be done at a different location. One with more of a scenery and natural light to work with. I’m thinking Vizcaya. Vicky, are you reading this?

One thing’s for sure, if the plan goes smoothly as planned and we bring loads of sun lotion and stick to a comfortable, heat resistant outfits I’m sure the next blood photo shoot will turn out better than the previous one. The photos we took, for the time being, are being cropped or edited and placed with my watermark, so I can only display those I took from my ipod. Handy little device it is! When you need it of course, aside from that nasty little bugger since it’s always in your subconscious mind if whether or not it will fall and crack the screen to a million tiny shards that jab themselves into you delicate fingertips without warning. Little devils.

photo shoot 5

Oh no! I’ve lost my victim..

photo shoot 4

I’m looking..

photo shoot 3

I found you..



photo shoot 2

Thought I’d take one for the cute thing of mine ❤


I can only hope the next photo shoot goes well. But for now, it’s off to bed and dream of new ideas for Supercon.

Nighty night

Tons of Love Bites,