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I believe I’m the undefeated champion of the game “tag” since I managed to go on for two months, but I’m here now to answer the questions on the “blog tag” and say “darn you, yet I give you loads of hugs” to a fellow blogger http://lilywight.com/

So who’s up for game of tag?

Q.  Have you ever been made redundant from your job and how did you feel about it?

A. No, never have thankfully, but if they tried they’d have to answer to the boot(s)!

Q.  If you were interviewing someone for a writing job, what 3 qualities would you look for and why?

A. Can you meet a deadline? Are eccentric enough to survive the business? Do you have a style of your own? Answering yes to those three would land you the job.

Q.  What is your favorite board game and why?

A. My favorite board game has to be Headbanz. I’m too good at this game! Every card I pick and place on my headband is either a lethal, everyday item a creepy popular figure or holiday figure.  

Q.  When you look at the stars, what do you see?

A. A never ending world of colors, everything people don’t see, my dreams, my own constellations, and the beautiful night sky.

Q. When you look at the ocean, what does it remind you of?

A. A mysterious, amazing and beautiful world of fantasy filled with secrets too great for us know, aside from that, a large swimming pool that has aquatic animals. Ooh, I feel like the Doctor now.


Q.  How do you overcome writer’s block?

A. Head to the café, grab a cup of coffee or a sweet and write in my notebook as I watch the people show.

watching the ‘people show’

Q.  If you could say 3 encouraging things to another person, what would they be?

A. A nice compliment to something of their appearance, it’s nice to make someone smile; mm, helpful tips with wise words and remember no one is perfect, but everyone is unique!

Unique body

Q.  Do you prefer to write your stories/books/poetry/prose/articles on paper first, then type them up and edit them, or do you like to type them straight into your computer to edit?

A. I cannot write a draft for the life of me on anything. It’s always raw material and fresh ideas that flow right through the pen to the paper or from the fingertips to the keyboard.

Q.  Do you like writing in one genre or more?

A. I cannot say that I write under any particular genre since I’m always very creative and hate sticking to one in particular or mixing things up. So honestly, I’d say that I don’t write in one or many genres, but instead I write whatever is in my head.

Q.  As a writer, do you think actions speak louder than words?

A. Both actions and words speak with their own volume, but words can penetrate more than just actions alone; for words are the most powerful, subliminal tools you have. So I believe.

Q.  What is your favorite quote and why?

A. “To live a life of immortality, is to live a life worth living”

Now to tag eleven new players.