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It’s been a rainy month and three weeks and what with being stuck at home then enjoying a nice week vacation at my aunts and having returned home; it was time to pay a visit to my only resource for silence, perhaps a luxury of books and a crowd to make up for the lack of my “people show”. Of course, nothing compares to Borders, but Barnes and Nobles fits the bill for now (not literally of course). Sadly the quality of said bookstore has drastically changed over the years. It was and is indeed a real shame considering it used to be one of my most favorite book stores to visit and enjoy sitting by the window or kid section as a child while reading away in my little corner with Winnie the Pooh right behind me. Fond memories indeed! ^,.,^

But enough of reminiscing; two days ago, my day at Barnes and Nobles consisted of seeing a familiar face, my old math tutor, and trying to desperately find a nice little corner or seating area by the window or cafรฉ. Although since the bloody cafรฉ was so damn full with everyone who has nothing better to do or is on their lunch break, the best seating was by the window. That is also where I received two nice compliments on my boots and style by two nice, cute guys. One reminded me a lot of Dan Sperry (<—- what a gorgeous man he is) <3. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I have a cute boy who I can make look like my own Dan Sperry anytime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Although it sucks that I haven’t had much time to talk to him, he’s quite a busy boy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Nevertheless, after enjoying a nice chat with the Dan Sperry look-alike, and hearing strange noises coming from behind us (someone’s up to something..); home bound it was before the clouds unleashed their heavy water weight upon me. Didn’t have an umbrella so a rush to the house was a must.

As I mentioned before, I look for a nice seating area or somewhere with view and there’s a reason for this… To watch the people show. During my time at the cafรฉ/bookstore I usually see/hear a lot of interesting, embarrassing, ridiculous things that people say or do and get a good laugh out of it or become very pensive. (Izzy sitting like the thinker, haha XD)

Last week Thursday, while I watched the ‘people show’ from the trolley homebound; I saw the most orange/carrot looking lady with neon pink and green colors on her body, walk out of a tanning salon and saw her scream to the top of her lungs as she walked out the door- I think you know what happened. o,.,o My God! I know Miami is notorious for being the #1 city in the state of Florida where everyone and their mother tan their f*cking skin till they are as tough as leather, but really?! Is it that necessary to look like a freakin’ carrot every single day of your life and know you’re damaging you sensitive and largest organ of the body?! I’d kill myself before I ever tried something so stupid! (Not in a literal sense, but metaphorically yes..) Not even if the richest person alive gave me all their money/stocks/bonds/secret bank accounts/etc.; I still wouldn’t do it. I love my pale skin! It’s beautiful to me and I’m happy to maintain a healthy skin now and a long time to come.

Everyone should be proud of their natural skin, no matter the color. Why damage your body now? You’ll only give yourself a double dose of agonizing pain later. Save yourself the trouble and quit looking like a carrot or worse; SpongeBob, sun bleached!

I sure as hell wouldn’t dare to re-enact this!