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If there’s one Marvel hero that no one can’t get enough of and is always leaving the crowd asking for more, it’s Iron Man. From movie 1, 2 and now 3; Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Starks) has demonstrated not only an exquisite performance and hero attitude, but has also captured the attention of his audience, not just for being one of the handsome/cool cat actors around or kicking ass and being that guy who wears the armored suit; but also leaving the impression that not only is it your intelligence that makes you strong; it is also the confidence, will to never give up and determination to strive and do better at what you do best already that really makes you the hero (or in this case, IRON MAN).

**Although, try not to go overboard as Tony Starks is infamous for doing. Insomnia isn’t pretty.. haha

Anyhow, you know what they say “make wise and careful decisions for the past will always come to bite you in the ass”. I admit I modified the old saying, but it has the same meaning and it just so happens that this very old saying is what brings Tony Starks down to his knees in the beginning of the film. Suffering from insomnia, anxiety from seeing aliens –The Avengers- Tony Starks (Robert Downey Jr.) is faced with the decision to help himself, fix his relationship once again and avoid certain familiar faces, not to mention a nut called The Mandarin and save the world from all that is evil.

Things don’t seem to be full of holly and joy during the Christmas rush after having his close friend and previous body guard Happy Hogan, admitted to the hospital after being harmed in a mysterious explosion. But things just keep getting better after he gives his address and known location out to the infamous terrorist The Mandarin. As Tony and his wife are packing for a vacation away from home they are interrupted by a ghost from Tony’s past (or one-night stand) and she begins to reveal certain information to save them or try, but everything comes to a chilling halt before his very eyes when the safety of his home has been penetrated by The Mandarins goons and his wife, home and everything he’s come to love and feel secure with is taken away from him. Things don’t look to good for Tony Starks as the house begins to collapse and the one thing he cares for is being harmed, his wife.

Things look bleak for Tony as his how collapses into the ocean and he’s taken down with the wreckage, the helicopters leave, no sign of Iron Man.. but then.. Iron Man blots out from the water and goes to Kentucky where he meets a kid who becomes a great help to him and finds out more about the mysterious explosions and people who died in them. This then leads him to finding more information on the lunatic The Mandarin and his plot to take over the world, but don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover, for appearances can be deceiving.

The story heats up when Tony takes a turn around for the better and shifts away from the anxious, insomnia zombie self who’s down in the dumps. And as it proves, intelligence is the greatest power, especially when you have a wad of cash in your wallet. Any who, it seems even when he isn’t wearing the iron suite, Iron Man will always be Iron Man. Battling his way through the toughest situations and hellish voids he lands himself in.

After all, when you find out that the world most terrifying terrorist is really a class B movie actor- in the film of course- you start to cock you head to the side and say “who the f*ck is this nutcase’ and just stare wide-eyed as Tony Starks does until he interrogates the living crap out of him which leads him to avail since it only hinders his search to finding his wife and gets him tied up as a prisoner while meeting a familiar business man/ghost who comes back to haunt him with a vengeance and not to mention with a fire that burns.

In the end the good guys always win, but it seems the nasty villain seems to leave his trademark one way or another. Which, leaves me with this question ‘how will movie be?’….

Putting that aside; now having had the chance to finally watch Iron Man 3– believe me the anticipation was killing me- I’ve come to enjoy the story of the iron suited hero, not only from the original comics/story plot and details, but also through the films. One awesome ride that closed with an ‘explosive’ ending. It is indeed a “must watch” in my book and I’m sure many will agree(well, those who love Marvel at least). I mean come on?! Who doesn’t love a great super hero, action packed film that only gets better throughout the continuation from beginning to end? Same great actor, same bad-ass super hero and helpful animatronics that are there for your own entertainment and need of assistance, does it get any better than that? HELL NO!

Although, I’ve heard (so a few people have mentioned) that Iron Man hasn’t finished just yet. It seems there’s to be a fourth, you read correctly, a fourth film in the making. The adventure never ends! I can only say this.. If there really is another film in the making this better not turn out as those crappy films that are made just to adhere to the stories detail as a continuum just to see what’s happening with his wife in the long run. Yeah it’ll be a cool and exciting to see Tony Starks (Robert Downey Jr.), but lets hope they don’t screw it up. So we just have to wait and see.

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Film Info:

Iron Man 3

North American release   poster

Directed by Shane Black
Produced by Kevin Feige
Screenplay by Drew Pearce
Shane Black
Based on
Starring Robert Downey, Jr.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Don Cheadle
Guy Pearce
Rebecca Hall
Stephanie Szostak
James Badge Dale
Jon Favreau
Ben Kingsley
Music by Brian Tyler
Cinematography John Toll[1]
Editing by Jeffrey Ford
Peter S. Elliot[1]
Studio Marvel Studios
DMG Entertainment[2]
Distributed by Walt   Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Release date(s)
  •   April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14) (Paris premiere)
  •   May 3, 2013 (2013-05-03) (United States)


Running time 130 minutes[4]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $200 million[5]
Box office $1,181,095,208[6]