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Rain, rain go away, come again another… la la la, la, la la, laaa…. yeah, yeah…

How is it that the saying goes? “April showers bring May flowers” Well I can tell you this much.. it’s been the complete opposite. April brought flowers (and fire) while may brought showers (pouring heavily throughout Florida so it seems). I do enjoy a good rain shower, especially when it happens four days in a row. It allows me to stay in and gives me an excuse to not got out and about town or others places. But thankfully I’ve been with my aunt, for the past week in the safe haven of her pretty home.

Of course, what goes up, must come down; so let’s just say the rain isn’t so much on my side when it comes to keeping me awake. I fall dead asleep and worse, when it rains at night, you may as well forget it and not even try to budge me because I’ll be far from the real world and deep into the realms of dream land.

But before I fall flat on my face, I would like to announce that I’ve recently created another website dedicated to my photography/modeling/art work/etc. It is named Izcentric Photography. Nothing grand yet nothing plain; I can only hope that I’m able to keep up with my unpredictable schedule, but I’m sure I can handle it. I hope you come to enjoy my other site as well, just as how you’ve come to enjoy my main blog. ❤ Thank you all so very much!

Link: http://izcentricphotography.blogspot.com/

*yawn* Now to head on to bed, and maybe, just maybe.. ignore the little noises around the room. Hmm… I know it isn’t George, but still I can’t shake that little feeling you get when your “spidey-senses” are tingling. If you get what I mean. If I cannot get some shut eye, I will more than likely focus on the last article for Darkest Goth Online Magazine and then an idea for a make up for Supercon. Ugh… tired…

Of course, now that I also ponder on it, I’ve just realized that I forgot to do my sit ups and work out of the day. DAMNIT!! No wonder my back is killing me.. >,.,< Agh!!!

Good night for now.

Tons of Love Bites,