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Staying over at my aunts’ is home away from home, but one that is at least a little less loud (I can only hope no one is killing each other). Being that dreaded day of the weekend, Sunday, my schedule took a detour for the salon to help out with Sunday cleaning at the salon my aunt manages. From magazines, vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, folding.. you name it, it was still fun and a neat experience.

After a days worth of cleaning, our destination lead us to the Cheesecake Factory where all the Clockwork-Orange men and women work. It’s really cool to see their uniforms resembling everything from Clockwork-Orange, except for them not having a bowlers hat, but that of course is not proper attire at a restaurant for a clockwork-orange waiter/waitress. But hey, no complaints! Our waiter was awesome and the food delicious! Never has Cheesecake Factory been a disappointment and I doubt it’s going to let that reputation slip, even now.

After a good meal, a nap is all you really want, but how about you turn the cards in your favor and make a left turn to a shop and then the movie theatres? That’s what did and I can now say without a doubt, that I am even more intrigued to watch more of Star Trek (Original and New) until I’ve fully understood the entire series and films and books (if possible).

Now that we’re home, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the night while laying under the warm blankets, curled up as a ball, thinking of my sleepy-head ❀ and watching Doctor Who marathon ‘Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited‘.


Tons of Love Bites,