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There’s nothing more inviting to a morning start or tea party than these cute skull and bones sugar cubes, of course if death is really this sweet then he can stop by for a cup of tea any day. haha ;D But I would most definitely start the morning or if not enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon with a skull starring back at me as I sip the minutes away.
But put aside the tea, though you’re left with skull and bone sugar cubes, these little guys are more versatile and not JUST for tea. I’ve always done little “experiments” in the kitchen that just have me going on about the house like a mad-scientist and during my little eccentric episodes, haha if I recorded half the stuff I do, I think you’d think I need to visit the men with the white coats and spend a day in the padded rooms because of the silly, most unusual things that happen. But, back to what I was about to mention, I’ve found that these wonderful, little sweets are perfect for making break-away glass (sugar glass) if you have too little sugar in the kitchen, and also best for the right measurements of sugar needed to make a strawberry compote, or even homemade whipped cream. So not only are these little darlings great as tea sweeteners for those with a large sweet-tooth, but it is also useful in baking purposes as well.
I just love my wonderful brain!

Want to get more creative and dark at heart for you non-creative people (I’m just kidding.. or am I.. mohahahaha) check out http://theyearofhalloween.com/ for more ideas and Halloween creations.

Tons of Love Bites,

Sugar Skulls by Snow Violent via Haute MacabreMonday is once again at our doorstep, darlings, and there’s nothing to start the week off right than a good cup of coffee. If you take yours as the 17th century Turks apocryphally suggest, “black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love,” these lovely skull and bones sugar cubes by Snow Violent may be just what you need for the perfect cup. And if coffee isn’t your cup of tea (so to speak), perhaps neatly louched into a glass or two of absinthe?

(from Sighs from the Depths via Haute Macabre)

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