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Wrapping a persons head nice and tight, till they cannot breathe, with plastic wrap/ceramic wrap… Mwuahahahaha
Perfect murder and enough time to suck the blood from the living! I’m just kidding. I’m innocent in all accounts, okay, maybe not the wrapping a persons head- that I’m guilty of; but not of comiting a murder. I’m no psycho!


If you must truly know what my hands were doing; I was simply wrapping my friends head in ceramic wrap to protect her pretty, little head from the paper mâché that I was to apply over her face and head (half her head). Alright, that doesn’t sound right, but it was for the making of her bubble head nurse mask..

Thankfully it wasn’t as time consuming as we had thought for it only took a total of two hours rather than four as how the box instructed. One and a half hours of sitting, cutting, applying three layers of paper mâché then the remaining half hour for a complete dry.

After two hours of looking like Doctor Finklesteins wife and that bandaged up superhero (forgot the name), the mask was ready to come off along with the ceramic/plastic wrap.

**No hair was harmed during the making if this mask. haha

The whole process was a breeze and fun as well, what with getting my fingers and shorts (almost my corset too) covered with the mixture. Thankfully the stuff comes clean off with a bit of soap and water. It wasn’t a disappointment. I’ll put up a link, for those interested in making their own paper mâché creations. Simply apply the sheets diagonally as you go. More resistant and it acts like a safety incase it falls. Although I recommend you not leave it where it can fall unless you want to begin the whole process..

But now that I’m done hiding away the evidence that could prove me guilty of such a heinous act, I now find myself in a dilemma.

Now perhaps you’re thinking “sure thing, what the hell can we possibly do for you?” or “I doubt what we could find would be to your liking” but no, none of that. Actually, I’m stumped on one of my creations for a new outfit that I will make for Megacon 2014. Now I can figure out how to make a skirt and a hat and many more things that are circus related, but my issue is…. WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND CHEAP, YET GOOD QUALITY FABRIC THAT I CAN BUY TO MAKE A SKIRT??

Also, besides that, I’m at a terrible loss with this, but if I’m not mistaken, cornstarch helps stiffen or “harden” fabric in a way that allows it to be shaped or molded to points or some shapes; please let me know if this is correct. If not, do any of you creative birds know of anything that can do this? I have plenty of time on my side, but not enough for making this outfit. If you can please help me out with this sticky situation, I would most certainly appreciate it!

I can only hope.. *crosses fingers*

It’s time to doze off into dreamland and I cannot wait to hit that pillow that’s starring me dead in the face.

Tons of Love Bites,