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It was only yesterday (so it felt) that I was on my way to kindergarten and was being taught how to tie my shoes and learn my ABC’s. It’s such a blur with how fast time really flies by! You never truly pay attention until you hit your second decade (20 years) so you can imagine how I feel right now. I’m happy as hell! But wow, I cannot believe that I am actually turning 20. I do not look like my age, hmm, seems to be there is good genetics. haha

But my birthday began last night, on the stroke of midnight as the clock tolled 12 (and I sounding very much like the ever famous Edgar Allan Poe just now). I ate a delicious plate of fresh sushi which I was treated to, by Vicky and accompanied by (not to mention celebrated with) Jess, her sister and our friend Abdel. I love them all. Thank you, you guys! ❤
A simple birthday celebration was all it was today and along the road I also found out that my birth month is now National Zombie Awareness Month! Mwuahahahaha

So now there’s more to look forward too!
The night was young and though I’m turning “200” as how everyone of my family members have mentioned, it seems I gAve more energy to spare than an (un)dead man. Wihooo!! 😀
So it seems turning 20 is not all that bad (it really isn’t) this just means more fun. Yes! As well as a delicious red velvet cake, which makes the night all the better.


Now if I can only have that one special boy in my clutches, I’ll be one hell of a happy girl!


Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone! I love them all and appreciate them. ❤ they put a big smile on my face. 🙂
Tons of Love Bites,