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I understand I’ve been acting as a child who constantly complains to mommy about anything, over the topic of “boo-hoo” I’ve failed a class, but that’s just what(?).. a difference of NOTHING to what will follow me in an interview, my future career or my life?! Granted, studying is important and the outcome can be in your favor for it leaves a foot in the door for your degree and career, but it doesn’t mean that you have to kill yourelf over thinking “oh no, my life is over because I’ve failed one class” or “this exam is what will determine my fate, I cannot fail it..” NO!

That’s completely idiotic and destructive mentally and emotionaly. If you keep such a mindset, you’re only setting yourself up for a future where you’re the one helping someone else’s dream become a reality while yours sits in waiting for the oppurtinity of life time and sees it flying by right infront of you because you’re too caught up in your survival that you worked so hard for and because you were a school nut.

Now for those who may or will misinterperate this rant of mine, I -and I cannot stress this enough; I am not saying that school is bad and that your education, your hard work and given efforts towards your studies is pointless, I am simply stating that you should not focus or be concerned about what one or two letter grades or a test will mean. It does NOT determine your future, who you are, and what your role in life is nor your career.

It takes me sometime to remind myself of this, because I am one of those students (majority of the time) who go school crazy, but since having watched quite an intriguing, spoken word video on YouTube I have an entirely different and renewed perspective with being a study nut and learning, slowly but surely, how not to stress over such a trivial little thing that can be fixed.

If my word isn’t enough, then I hope these three very eye-opening videos help you see the errors in society today and just how nuts we’ve become over something so small.

Remember to always believe in yourself, try your best, fight for your dreams and live your dreams. And always keep in mind that it is what makes you happy, to always love yourself and be yourself no matter when life is shitty and has everything feel like a ton of bricks crumbling on top of your world.

Tons of Love Bites,