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But I’ve managed to find my way back.

It’s terrifying to know that such a small obstacle on the road can make one panic; yet the solution is so simple..drive around it! It seems my brain didn’t get the memo for after my little mental and emotional breakdown on my day of doom, I’ve not bothered to be my creative, happy self. And I HATE that! Unhappy=boredom and sulking out of pity… conclusion… A MELANCHOLY DUMMY!!!


Although, I think I’m making a turn-around for the better for I’ve been feeling determined to push through and shoot that mopey side of me off the face of the “earth” (being my thoughts) and say good riddance to that awful, dark cloud that’s been hovering over the top of my head.

Although, I doubt there’s much to worry about for my (in)sanity is returning at a steady pace. haha But I do miss that happy goth girl that always stared back from the otherside of the mirror directly at me, with a pearly, white smile. But she’s comming back!

From gloomy to this—–> Yeah! Happy Vampire! ^,.,^