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It’s been a whole week that I’ve not been active, but of course I had to get my priorities straightened out after having enjoyed my four day trip to Orlando (I will post photos in a post about the trip).

There’s been so much that has occurred in such a short time, yet I’ve dared not to say anything. Could it be that I’ve just lost my interest for writing?! GOD NO! I’ve been a busy bee since I got back to Miami. Sorry!

But hey, not to worry, I have a few updates for you lovelies on what’s been going on in this busy goth’s life (oh boy). Aside from making sure class is going well (College Algebra), I’ve been trying to have the house get back in order (cleanliness really) and begin and finish projects according to plan. Slowly but surely this will all happen, but you can only move so fast before you run into the wall, right?

But aside from that here’s what to expect in the up-comming month:

– Film review: Woman in Black
– Megacon trip in Orlando
– 4 New Recipes
– Birthday Planning
– Busy, busy weeks studying for Math!!

How am I going to get through this, I’m not sure. I can only hope I get to keep my head when I’m done (especially my (in)sanity).

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your St. Patrick weekend! Remember to have pinched those who did not wear green. 😉

Tons of Love Bites,