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Low spirits, yes. Exhausted, can you pass the pillows?

Boring me back to death

Ever had those days when apparently there seems to be nothing to do? Well it just so happens that the “doldrums bug” has bitten me more than once. I honestly cannot get this “rut-phase” out of me nor get back to normal. I’m not sure why, but it seems like something is missing or maybe I can’t put my finger on it, but perhaps I’m beginning to get “love sick”? And not sick as in, you hate your love or relationship, but the emotion of when you’re missing that one to death and it seems that everything has post-poned your schedule and told you to press your lips to the sculptures in a cold night and stay where you stand.

And as ironic as it sounds, I think the natural forces are trying to make things seem all too coincidental with these “love-flicks” (though nice to watch and funny to laugh at, yeah I’m not denying), but it really is irking me and also having my sad-inner, mopey half pop out ever so often. BAD!!

Pride and Prejudice Hearts

Pride and Prejudice

I now wish I had my sweet goth boy all to myself right now. I would smother him too much at this moment with cuddles and black lip-stained kisses. Afterwards go to the kitchen and make something delicious! Hell yeah!


Je t’aime mon a mour

Aww, I’m making myself a little depressed here. Damn it! ALRIGHT, THAT’S ENOUGH! IT’S TIME TO SLAP SOME SENSE INTO ME RIGHT NOW AND PUT THIS TO GOOD USE!

-How about plan for Megacon and write those recipes you’ve been talking about?- Great idea!

In the words of Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey), ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Time to get this butt in gear and move on. But of course, I still miss my handsome boy, but I will do better and not mope about the house. Low spirits gone and happy, smiling self is back in control.

Cheshire Tea Party

A happy Cheshire cat is meowing about the house!