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Jasmine Tea, breakfast, music and headphones. All the necessary items to keep one from paying too much attention to their frozen body when waiting for the 6:20 Trolley.

It seems the meteorologist (as of late), has been a tad off his throne as the “weather boy” for every forecast said was not what was predicted. Surprisingly though, the weather was on the side of Mr. Meteorologist, for the announcements were true to their word when it said to expect a frigid morning. Brrrrr… >,.,<20130304-205229.jpg

Cold weather aside, thankfully midterms were rescheduled for Wednesday and that gives me all the more time to study along with finishing/getting started on a few projects.
Thank God for Nachtmahr, for I I don’t think I would have survived the morning wait. Standing in the 46° F icy, cold weather with gusts of wind is not fun when waiting for the trolley alone. Frozen!!!

For now, I think a warm cup of tea or maybe hot chocolate will bring some warmth back into my cold body. Maybe enjoy a movie. I’m thinking Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.