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February was a short month and one that was filled with quite an interesting array of events (along with the bad case of the sweet-tooth). But everything is slowly returning to its usual pace (okay, not really)… Everything is making a complete 180 turn around for the nut house.
But to bring my mind at ease and have the muscles stop their aching, a nice coffee and some pensive writing and a casual piano playing at CafΓ© Bistro was what the doctor ordered. After enjoying the alone time – not to mention the peace and quiet, home bound I was for midterms begin tomorrow (Monday), exactly at 7:30 on the dot! Let’s hope my brain and body have enough stamina, let alone will power to make out of bed at 5:25 in the early morning.
Aside from the craziness that is the fun as well, I think I should set aside some break time for a few paintings and other projects.
But for now I shall devour a nice bit of the innocent white fleeced lamb, that I love so much, with mint apple jelly. It may sound a tad strange to a few of you (those picky few that I know.. Still love you <3) :3, but it is exquisite and if you ever have the chance (and if I ever remember to) you should try this delicious meal. Easy to make and the only thing you don't need to worry about is making the mint apple jelly. Unless you are someone like me who likes a challenge of creativity in the kitchen. ^,.,^
*yawn* Hopefully the morning will not be at the cold temperature of 46 – 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr >,.,<